Modulux Design is a manufacturer of Park Models and Cabins in the Okanagan Valley near Kelowna, BC
Modulux Design, Okanagan manufacturer of Park Models and Cabins, offers add-ons to our park model floorplans for a bigger living space at an affordable cost.


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Please Review all Standard Features that form part of the unit before choosing your options as per the form below.

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Please Review all Standard Features that form part of the unit.

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Tile Ready 40" w/1/2" plywood - No Lino / Tile
Tile Ready 42" w/1/2" plywood - No Lino / Tile
Tile Ready 45" w/1/2" plywood -No Lino/ Tile

Vaulted Main Bedroom
Vaulted 2nd Bedroom in applicable model

Water Heater Gas Convert 33 i/l 25 Electric
WR440-LPG- on Demand WH i/l 25 gal.Electric

All Dinette Bay Windows to be 60" high
Low E/Gas required

Extra Phone Outlet
Extra TV Outlet
110V Extra Exterior Receptacle
110V Extra Interior Duplex Receptacle

Skirting Required
Extra access door in skirting (max 30"x36")

Standard Avanti Cabinets
Or Optional - Oak
Or Optional - Maple
Or Optional - Cherry

Single Bunk Beds - No bedspread
Jack/Jill Bunkbeds - No bedspread
Bunk Ladder
Bedroom Base c/w Lift up (only) No Mattress

18 Cu.ft.Fridge - IKT - 18430 or similar
18 Cu.ft.Fridge c/w Icemaker/waterline/valve
24"w Appt.size W&D - 110VFE load
Frontload Washer + LPG Dryer - 27" w
Whirlpool O.T.R. Micro i/l of Rangehood<
24" Dishwasher<

Bedroom End Style S.Sands Bay
Bedroom Bay same as Dinette Bay
Livingroom Side Bay (No windows)

110v A/C added Standard 56000 BTU furnace
56,000 BTU Furnace Auto Ign. c/w Coil cavity
A/C (2T) added when ordered with a furnace with coil cavity
M3 Series HE Upgrade c/w coil cavity

Bed O/H cabinets Avanti Doors(8' max)
Eat+Run to Kitchen counter-Raised">
Bedroom closet w/6 Drawers Under Avanti i/l Std Mirror Drs.
Bedroom closet w/10 DrFr/TV Cab Avanti i/l Std.Mirror Drs.
Night Tables w/1 drawer
Night Tables w/1 Drw.+ 1 Door
Night Tables w/3 drawers"
Night Tables to fit Sicamous Sand Bay
Add 4-6" drawers inside 24" Pantry
30" Pantry w/4-6" Drawers i/l std.24" Pantry
Kitchen cabinet Crown moulding Avanti
Under Kitchen cabinet moulding w/light Avanti

24";x36" Skylights installed
24" x48" Skylights installed

36" Square shower w/door i/l of standard tub
36" Neo angle Shower w/door i/l standard tub
36"x48" Shower w/door i/l of standard Tub

Extra Colonist pocket door i/l of standard hinged door
Extra Frost Free Faucet